Phone systems we specialize in.


IP Based Telephone System

Are you ready for an IP or network based telephone system? Many companies are exploring the benefits of a networked solution.

For a multi office organization you can network your communications services over the IP network, and have all of your offices appear as one. Transfer your calls across your network from office to office, city to city, country to country, all completely seamlessly and invisible to the caller. You can also share resources, such as automated attendants, voicemail, negating the need to purchase the same device for each office. You can even extend your hours of operation by transferring incoming calls to another branch to be answered outside of your hours, but during theirs.
For single office organizations deploying an IP or network based telephone system will prepare you for the future. It will also allow you to have remote workers. Staff may work from home using an IP telephone set and their high speed internet access, and appear to be sitting at their desk. For mobile or traveling staff you can use a soft phone in their lap top, or transfer calls to the mobile or cellular phones, keeping them in contact with the office, and their valued customers.


Traditional Telephone Systems

For many businesses the traditional telephone system is still a valid solution. Our traditional telephone systems are the Nortel Integrated Communications Systems, the Compact ICS and the Modular ICS are perfectly suited for small to mid sized companies. Starting at four lines and sixteen stations, and expanding to over 250 ports the ICS family fulfills the needs of most stand alone small to mid sized businesses.

Along with the CallPilot digital call processing systems, we can build the perfect solution for your single sight business.

Our Avaya offerings are also a hybrid solution. They can operate as either a traditional telephone system, or an IP based system. The IP500 V2 can start as small as 4 lines and four stations, and may grow to a multi sight platform, as required by your business.


Which is best?

If you are wondering which technology best suites your office, we would be happy to do a comprehensive analysis for you. Simply email us by clicking the link or call us at 604 944 2600.