Phone Systems


All IP Office models support common software, telephones, and applications.

Avaya IP Office delivers full voice functionality with a comprehensive set of features. The system can be configured as a voice-only PBX using traditional circuit-switched lines or as an IP telephony server using high-speed ISDN/PRI dial-up access and/or direct leased line connectivity.

When acting as an IP telephony server, IP Office supports cost effective standards-based IP telephony (H323), quality of service (QoS) through DiffServ (for routing), 802.1p (when used in conjunction with a Cajun® local area network [LAN] switch), and remote locations connected via Frame Relay. Voice calls can be allocated dynamically and can -bump- a multi-channel data transmission from one of its channels as needed to help ensure priority voice calls get through.

Multiple Avaya IP Office systems can be linked together using a standard data network, providing limited feature transparency and advanced applications such as centralized voice mail and call center. The data networking capabilities of IP Office include Internet or branch-to-branch based routing with firewall-protected Internet access and integral security. The system supports the QSIG protocol for improved networking and interoperability. As a local-area network (LAN) hub, IP Office can connect up to eight PCs to each other and a router with standards-based directory support for easy integration into IT environment.

vaya IP Office is complementary to Avaya switch technology and VPNetĀ® solutions, giving businesses the ability to grow into converged networks. The basic system includes a 4-port voice messaging solution and the ability for users to manage their phone calls through a simple GUI. Additional applications, such as enhanced (integrated) messaging, web-enabled conferencing, and customer service (call center) can be added when needed.


The Auto Attendant application enables callers to route their own calls to the relevant department/person without the need to speak to an operator/receptionist. Receptions/operators can take advantage of the SoftConsole application to present a professional view of the business to all callers. TAPI (Telephone Applications Programming Interface) support enables IP Office to be linked to Microsoft Outlook and other popular desktop applications for screen pops and PC-based telephony management.

Avaya IP Office allows users access from desktop computers, laptop PCs, with individual firewall security and access control. Investment protection is offered through handsets supported by several Avaya platforms, and provides a migration path that is forward and backwards compatible.

IP Office supports IP and digital telephone operation, with large display desktop phones with sophisticated screen-driven feature access. Single button on/off control is available for selected features for ease of use.