IP500 Features & Benefits


Work virtually anywhere on virtually any device – use your office phone, mobile phone, home phone, iPad, PC, Mac, or other device to get access to voicemail, conferencing, presence, and more. Workers can be in main offices, branch offices, at home, temporary/seasonal locations, or traveling and they will have full access to communications tools just like they were in the office.

Grow at your own pace and budget – start with what you need and expand quickly and cost effectively. By using combinations of base cards, expansion modules, it is simple to configure and easy to install more capacity. With IP Office, you can add advanced applications and capability as you grow, when you grow.

Reduce monthly costs– IP Office will help you lower the cost of communications, with capabilities like conferencing, making calls over managed Internet service (Voice over IP) or low-cost Internet telephony service provider through SIP trunking and the comprehensive benefits of a converged communications system.

Host your own conference calls – enable cost-effective collaboration by utilizing the IP Office’s built-in 128 party conference capacity; up to 64 parties on a single conference call; quickly set up conference calls on the fly or schedule them and allow IP Office to notify participants automatically.


Key Features:

Manage your office from your mobile device
Provide customers and others with just your office phone number and have all calls ring simultaneously on any other phone (mobile, remote office, home), eliminating missed calls when out of the office or away from your desk. Create and manage conference calls right from your mobile device with just a click. Extend presence and instant messaging capabilities to your mobile device, so you can see who’s available and instantly contact them through IM.

Control calls from a laptop
As long as you’ve got an Internet connection, Power User will allow you to turn your laptop into an office phone, with the full complement of features and capabilities delivered via an easy-to-use PC interface. Reduce or eliminate calling fees and help people stay connected. Make and receive personal video calls to another Power User or Teleworker on the network!

Avaya IP Office conferencing applications provide a private audio-conference bridge for communicating with a large number of people. The IP Office 128 party conferencing capability supports up to 64 participants on a single conference call (or combinations thereof). Multiple conferences can take place simultaneously. With the Meet-me Conferencing Bridge a PIN number can be added for more secure conferences, requiring participants to input a code before entering the call.

IP Office offers IP Office Essential Edition and IP Office Preferred Edition messaging applications designed to meet the needs of the business. Both offer automated attendant, voicemail, and unified messaging; while IP Office Preferred Edition provides for the ability to record conversations, e-mail reading, fax routing, Integrated Voice Response (IVR), text-to-speech (TTS), centralized voicemail, and networked messaging.

Multi-Site Option provides the ability to link multiple IP Office systems via a standard data network, providing feature transparency and advanced applications such as centralized voice messaging across all locations.

SIP Trunks
IP Office users to can take advantage of SIP telephony services being offered by Internet Telephony Service Providers, often at a substantial savings over traditional analog or digital trunks.